Corn Sugar


Latest news:

September 30, 2013:
Feds say No to Corn Sugar Name, which probably means that the person who has been looking to buy this domain name won't be making an offer, even though there will probably be a long and drawn out appeals process that makes the term popular anyway. A ruling on Corn Sugar with mixed results, more litigation to come!


HFC info:

The FDA has rejected the concept of "corn sugar" on the barest of technicalities, based on the definition that sugar is a crystalline substance and corn syrup is a syrup. One wonders if this means that HFCS can be defined as sugar if someone finds a way to crystallize it!.

Why Call It Corn Sugar

Oddly enough, people think sugar is better for you! Corn Sugar is the preferred new name of high fructose corn sweetener which the Corn Refiners Association is hoping to use on food labels as an alternative to its current name. In part, this is because people have associated the “high fructose” designation as being worse than natural sugar despite evidence that they have an equal effect on obesity and other issues. Therefore, a name change would allow for a new identity in the same way that Canola Oil is used instead of a less desirable name for cooking oil. Corn sugar as a name would also potentially be a boon to farmers who may get a lift from people who are looking to avoid imported sugar cane products in favor of domestically produced ingredients..

Notes and Special Information

Special note: If you are checking labels for sweetners, you may want to consider calories and servings instead. Your chance of obesity does not change if you switch from sugar to corn sugar.